How To Spot A Scam Or Exit Scam

What's a Cryptocurrency Exit Scam? How Do You Spot One?

What is an Exit Scam? 

A leave trick is a deceitful practice by dishonest digital money advertisers who evaporate with financial specialists' cash during or after an ICO. 

The usual way of doing things is straightforward – advertisers dispatch another digital currency stage dependent on a promising idea; the ICO at that point fund-raises from different speculators; the business could conceivably run for quite a while; and afterward the advertisers who had gathered the ICO cash vanish, abandoning the financial specialists. 

Due to the decentralized, mysterious, and guideline free activities of the virtual cash environment, it is hard to follow con artists who hoodwink the speculators. (For additional, see Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin Scammer Stole My Cryptocurrency.) 


In spite of the fact that it is hard to plainly recognize a questionable ICO, financial specialists can remember the accompanying focuses before settling on a venture choice. 

1. Group Credibility: The greatest test with the virtual world is responsibility and proprietorship. Before putting your well deserved cash in ICOs that may look extremely encouraging, a speculator must confirm the certifications of the crypto group. Remember that you can buy preferences, tweets, and devotees on the different web-based social networking stages to fabricate counterfeit online believability. Accordingly, you ought to do an essential keep an eye on ICO advertisers and on the sponsor of digital currency ventures and the sort of associations/devotees they have. 

Blockonomi makes reference to this about the LinkedIn pages of Confido groups: "The obvious hint was the way that the pages of the four principle con artists included – two engineers and two administrators – were fresh out of the plastic new and had scarcely any associations." 

2. Extreme Return Projections: Is it unrealistic? At that point it presumably isn't. For example, BitConnect guaranteed a consistent 1